Poetry Sees The Shortcuts

Shortcuts are the way to go shortcuts pave the gilt-edged road
shortcuts here and shortcuts there, shortcuts literally everywhere.
Whatever the road you take in life, shortcuts will lessen your stress and strife.
They ease the road closed to Tom Joad, for shortcuts reveal the ways of true gold.
The ways of those who came first, our elders and betters, rarely those of great letters.
These are the people who paved the way, creating shortcuts with each mistake, each day.
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, they know the best, do they not?
Each will yield secrets, behind subtle hand, each sharing shortcuts that serve it up hot.
A thousand and more, five times over again, those who do best, can teach all the rest.
Shortcuts for this and shortcuts for that, you'll find shortcuts work for everything that,
you think or smell or pull out of your hat. Shortcuts will work for you this day,
because shortcuts work in every last way. Go ahead. Name your action;
There is at least one universal PowerGem shortcut.

Self-Empowering Emptiness Inverts To Reality In Itself!

Self-empowering realizations,
surrounding us all in one moment,
Self-empowering democratization,
walls surround when there's hope.
Break the walls that hold you back,
and build them halls that hold your back.
Each of them will repay nicely, in the fickle winds of time,
self-empowering catalysts, they were there, within the rhime.
Peel it back and polish it, with PowerGems and perspiration,
the shell within a shell is where we will find that inspiration.
Dedicate it all the same, within a newfound sense of game,
it comes back again and yet again,
in pride or hopeless shame.
Look up to reverse the pain.

With greater character than an aging wine,
all for naught when locked in mine.
Self-empowering for that climb:
The answers within
still always reside.

Who didn't engage the Psychology of Shortcuts at the age of three?
Who didn't use shortcuts to learn to talk, to walk, and much more?
YOU? Not a chance. Even the most difficult thing you've ever done,
Learning to tie your shoelaces, which took you thousands of tries,
was a task you missed thousands of times until you used shortcuts.
Self-empowering ideas are the best, but not often your most prolific.
So, look to those who are excellent at what you are going to excel at.
Do you understand that your role models are no one but those already excelling?
Self-empowerment is more than rah-rah positive attitude. Self-empowerment is shortcuts.
The time you invest debating shortcuts is worth ten times the profit to you focused on shortcuts.
Understand the previous sentence, reviewing it repeatedly until you get the second and third meanings.
Ten times the profit. We spend more time chasing down ten grand that someone stole than earning ten new ones.

Isn't that silly, more often than not? Aren't you tired of feeling silly? You get to change instantly.


The decision - and decision does mean "cutting off from any other possibility" just as recision refers to cutting cutting back from, excision to cut out of, and so forth. "Decidere" is where we trace decide and deciding and decision, where you literally cut yourself off from any other possibility. What a wonderful definition, not sure if it's from Denis Waitley or Jack Canfield, as the excellence of their primary works blends together in a melange of power for you to use within minutes or even seconds. No exceptions to most of them, the steps to rapidly accelerate progress and success in any and just about every human endeavor. The likelihood of you being the infinitely rare exception does not excuse you from the self-empowerment portion of the equation.

Most everything you want comes to you as quickly as that when you say the magic words "I am self-empowering."

You see, when you say those words, you're doing several things at once, several productive and yes, several different self-empowering functions are being called up to perform. Talk about getting rich quickly! This is the jackpot, my friend. You're here, so it's only you and I. I will never make a dime of profit from you. When you have the unusual privilege of having someone of excellence focus on you personally for no discernible gain, certainly without any solicitation for you to give MisterShortcut or the Psychology of Shortcuts anything other than the half of all the new wealth that MisterShortcut and the Psychology of Shortcuts help you to rapidly generate over the coming months, and even weeks; and you cannot send money to MisterShortcut or to the Psychology of Shortcuts. So it's that much more vital for you to recognize that a world-class performer with more shattered world records than any ten men or women who have ever lived is thoroughly dedicated to helping you get to the top of the heap.

Self-empowering shortcuts are exactly, nearly-mathematically useful,

The hungrier among you will in fact make more money or more of whatever it is you most want in a matter of just weeks and days.

The hungriest among you are absolutely certain to make more or accomplish more in the next twenty-four hours than you have in months combined. That's because you will be smart enough to understand that self-empowering means determining very precisely, and in just about ten words or less, why you want it. Among the most obvious and among the most hidden of all the great master secrets of the universe is the tiny knowledge that understanding why you want something is the gasoline that will power the engine.

Shhhh. No disrespect, but it's not just that your I.Q. is fifty to one hundred points less than mine. Being shorter to the ground mentally is parallel to being shorter physically. In both cases, the fall is far less.

Because MisterShortcut fell into the habit of standing on tip-toe while washing at a sink or brushing teeth, as well as other previously-wasted time chunks, all to learn how to stand on tip-toe with eyes closed on either foot for a minute and beyond, the concept of being three inches taller than normal was not a small concept to absorb.

Practicing this trick for many months only reinforced the belief that there are distinct benefits to being closer to the ground. There are mental parallels to this perception of life, and mentioned so that you will always improve your intelligence by identifying what you have in your toolbox rather than what is missing.

The vast difference between our operations of intelligence functions, from the analytical to the creative or pragmatic benefits of practical daily use to shatter world records, is mentioned in hope of shoving down your throat - in some manner less than totally offensive to your personal sensibilities - the raw and instant power of identifying why you want something. How to do something is never more than one percent of why. When you know why, you always and without exception find a way... and in those one-in-a-million cases where you cannot find a way when you know why you want it, you create a way. Such is life. This is repeated in every known form of human mastery.

If you do not want it enough to be able to give a brief and passionate explanation of why you want it, stop wasting your time, the Psychology of Shortcuts is best-suited for the hungry one, since the hungriest people always win the race one hundred percent of the time.

As fast as the past ten years have flown by for you without you accomplishing a tenth of what you intended or expected or was anticipated for you, it's life-and-death critically important for you to recognize that you are one hundred percent guaranteed to experience this next ten years faster than the last ten, just as if it's passing in less time. Even those who are bed-bound, immobile, incarcerated, conscripted, every one of us knows that the most any human is likely to have is something in the neighborhood of thirty thousand days. If you think that is so many that you can waste them by the handful, just state out loud in the next thirty seconds just how many days are behind you, the Psychology of Shortcuts is happy to wait for you to count.

So? How many days have you been alive? Eight thousand? Nine thousand? Ten thousand? When you subtract it from the more-likely twenty-five thousand days of most lives, how about subtracting one-third of what's left, just for sleeping alone?

Are you even half as smart as you think you are? Your perception of time is so perverted; you have completely forgotten what you knew as a kid, that you have 1,440 minutes in each day. That's 1,440 separate opp Because you can

What is one-third of your years? What is the number for you personally, one-third of your total years?

It's a big number when you realize that this is how many years you have slept, SO FAR!

Do not miscount those years, either. Self-empowering honesty cuts away wasted time.
If, for example, one-third of the total of your years is "only" ten years, count them all!
Count them all fully: not years that included you sleeping: ten years of sleeping!
During all those years that you were sleeping, MisterShortcut was busy doing.
Believing there might be and should be time enough for sleep after death,
MisterShortcut simply looked for healthy people who slept few hours.
In each case, it was because they had learned to close their eyes.
For reasons not worth delving into here, most of us resist this.
Yet, from George Burns partying in his nineties without tiring,
to Jack LaLane doing 91 fast pushups on his 90th birthday,
they will nap or at least close their eyes during the day.
MisterShortcut adopted this, reducing sleep to minutes.
That's right - minutes of delicious, restful sleep.
Sometimes fifteen minutes, sometimes three.
Refreshing, energing, re-charging all functions.
How stupid could someone be, ignoring secrets?
That's why the differences between us are raised.
Not to impress you; instead to impress upon you, forcefully,
that I state the truth in telling you what my greatest power is.
More than anything else, I have the power, the knowledge, and the proof,
that each and all of my powers are perfectly guaranteed to be transferable.
That means you personally are likely to shatter world records as you choose.
I don't think it, friend; I've proven it hundreds of times now, with many people.
However these and those and the inevitable lawyers get involved, true powers are free.
Crafting more than a thousand truly unique interpretations of the Psychology of Shortcuts,
it is hoped that the Psychology of Shortcuts will live at least as long as you do, Grasshopper.
In a lifetime you could never reach the end of the Psychology of Shortcuts, for it is far too vast.
Twelve thousand is a sizable number, and MisterShortcut is not quite done yet, we hope, as of now.
The more important point is for you to get these PowerGems, these master secrets of the universe.
They exist in you, you just need to pull them out. Miniature naps do NOT make nighttime tough.
You will still sleep fully, only you will not suffer the fullest relaxations of 'too much'

Put in writing, and state out loud why you want what it is you most want. It is first.
Secondly, the Psychology of Shortcuts will help far more after you list who CAN help.
No matter what it is you want, there are many people dedicated to that subject.
Your job is to list every one of them you can, because we need to ask them.
Most of the most-critical master secrets of the universe are stated here.
This one page contains more than a hundred professors can teach you.
Having outread far more than those hundred, MisterShortcut lived it.
These are our master secrets of the universe, and always will be.

How do I read a book or three per day, commenting on each?
It is so simple that you cannot see the forest for the trees!
Do not allow your eyes to stop at words with few letters.
This one trick does something BETTER than a tripling.
Along with tripling your reading speed, if not more,
it also lowers the number of words to remember!
After ten pages, count not four thousand words,
it's only a matter of some hundreds of words.
Because you have far fewer words to ingest,
the basic, powerful ideas stick way better.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy better, my enlightened student.
Also, I "cheat" with a simple shortcut.
Every single time I read a great idea,
I stop to rephrase it into my words.
This ALSO triples your retention.
Yes, triples, not only doubling.
EVERY bit of true wisdom.

Inhale The Psychology of Shortcuts

Do you see how easily you can increase your intelligence with the Psychology of Shortcuts ?
Thousands and thousands of people increasing the value of their minds, so we know you can, too.
Do you grasp that self-empowering ideas are the most empowering of the master secrets of the universe?
Life is packed with PowerGems, the deliciously omnipotent secrets of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Life.
There are only a precious few revealed hyper-shortcuts in persuading people. It is to offer choices.
Do not ask people IF they want to help, ask them which of two ways would be better for them.

"You don't want to go out with me on Friday, do you?"

How's that for a lame approach, with the rejection built into it?

FORWARD APPROACH:"You're obviously special. Italian food in Little Italy tomorrow night, or beach-walking Sunday... which is better?"


LESS ASSERTIVE: "May I take you to my favorite Chinese restaurant tomorrow,
or would you be more interested in a very funny comedy show over at...?"

With thousands of closed sales, and many, many hundreds of repeat customers and clients, this is MisterShortcut gold.
Remember, none of these wonderful master secrets of the universe, your best shortcuts to success, is MisterShortcut's.
MisterShortcut's use of them was a result of learning them from masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Please speak less, and do more. Even the most minimal increase in any daily effort pays hugely when repeated.
Take any one or more PowerGems described and shared in the Psychology of Shortcuts and run with it now.
Run as if your life is catching fire. Until this moment, you have foolishly spoken "...someday this or that."
From now, you recognize that you have 1,440 separate opportunities every day, opportunities to excel.
Each of those opportunities is constituted of sixty little pieces, no longer to be frittered quite as much.
Your daily total of 86,400 separate seconds are flying past at fantastic speeds, years as if but months.
Start with mastery of nothing more complicated than your minutes, focusing on each of your 1,440.
Those who speak of years and months rarely speak with wisdom, overlooking the 1,440 chances.
If you don't grab the best of your 1,440 opportunities today and now, you lose much as we do.
Huge wealth requires no more than a one percent increase... repeated one thousand times.
Huge wealth tolerates not much less than those one thousand modest, steady repetitions.
When you let go of the idea that you know more than whom you are listening to, you win.

Stop asking "yes" or "no" questions. Offer choices, with pauses, with real smiles.
That's it. You need go no further, outside of the magical rule of repetition.
When you offer two or more choices, you engage one of the top secrets of all time.
This works for every human, including those who were morons just a minute ago.
The Psychology of Shortcuts promises that this works for all talking humans.

Start out with mastery of nothing more complicated than your minutes, focusing on each of 1,440.
Those who speak of years and months rarely speak with wisdom, overlooking the 1,440 chances.
If you do not grab the best of your 1,440 opportunities today and now, you lose much as we do.
Huge wealth requires no more than a one percent increase... repeated one thousand times.