Secrets Of The Psychology of Longevity... finally!

Because you have patiently gotten to this point in the Psychology of Longevity Nutrition saga,
flying and studying past EyeCandy and other conceivable distractions from nutrition-focus,
wherein secrets of and Psychology of Shortcuts as well,
are not intended for those seeking instant, free answers that solve their problems.
Life and the Psychology of Longevity are a bit more proactive, and successfully.
Your persistence merits your learning secrets of nutrition
Since you have made it to this point, a Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk,
where the wisdom of the greatest minds and doers present in Shapetalk,
where, for the most part, one line, one thought, keeps us edgimicated,
you shall now read the greatest nutritional secrets of your lifetime.
In short, they are from those who live the strongest the longest.
Those who do the best know the best, better than all the rest.
When we imitate the steps of those living stronger longer,
we deliciously tend to imitate the results that they get.
Shh. Stop forming opinions, you get much smarter.
Most of the times that other people are talking,
we are only waiting for them to stop talking
so that we can inject our instant opinion.
Most every time you suspend opinions,
the opinion gives way to criticality.
Critical thought yields your best.
Shh. Speak less, and do more.

There are six critical intakes and only six for nutrition to be attained, for high nutrition to be maintained.
Many cite five, because the sixth is really first, the need for air, which most of us simply do not get enough of.

Your body does not demand much! Feed it properly, feed it nutritionally, nutritively!
The more you supply your body with its tiny, enormous needs, the higher the state of nutrition you can expect.
This upper-nutrition, the rare and special kind that lasts into elderly nutrition, seven and eight decades, etc.,
also will entail a steadily shrinking requirement for food, because nutritious food persistently staves off hunger.

Many of the wise people sharing nutritional secrets and tips of great nutition would leave air off the list,
since most people believe that air alone does not provide much "real" nutrition to the human system.
Hurtful as it may sound, most people are poorly educated, and therefore poor at critical thinking.
Not necessarily because they do not want to be good at critical thinking and decision-making,
but because people prefer to continue eating toxic fun foods, comfort foods,
which are predominantly anti-nutritional, versus being merely un-nutritional

The desire to eat the fun foods overrides the critical function we learn as children, so the game of pretending moves into a higher gear,
just pretending that "once in awhile is just fine, and practical, too." They uniformly die younger and more miserably than they should have.

People speak of Andy Rooney working until the age of ninety-two. What people do not ask is how many decades, not years, how many groups of ten years did Andy Rooney not once go to the bathroom satisfactorily, which is as delicate as the Psychology of Longevity is impelled to be. Death begins in the colon, as much as twenty and thirty years of slow-motion death, most often with colons clogged with the only dry ingredient of wallpaper paste: BLEACHED FLOUR.

Without regular elimination, meaning after every meal, then constipation, the slow-death process, is in gear, fully engaged.
So how can a clear mind tout Mr. Rooney's "bowl of ice cream every day" at the cost of his last 30 years being his worst?
The Psychology of Longevity invites you to grasp more clearly how this man broadcast 1,000 complaints in thirty years.
If you do not "go" after every meal, you are seriously constipated, and in your own slow-motion colonic death process.
Start with a tablespoon of sea salt in your AM water before you eat breakfast.

Air and the Psychology of Longevity - Pure Nutrition!

Air is short-shrifted in the way of nutrition because of whatever reason that does not matter to you here and now. Oxygen IS nutrition.

A) Change your breathing pattern and you change the state of your mind and health. This is a rare near-perfect law of life. When you think you have exhaled fully, think again, and then push a bit more, because you will find a pint or two of dirty filthy air deep in your lungs with cigarette smoke from years ago from that next-door neighbor or uncle or whoever. Push more air out, ten, twenty times per day, pushing gently out and out, and even more. Then, SLOWLY inhale through your nose. That's it. Ten or twenty times per day. Your lungs, your brain, your immune system, your blood flow and blood pressure, each benefiting more and more with each new repetition. the more you breathe, the longer you live. The Psychology of Longevity invites you to see all the meanings of this master secret of life.

B) Water. For nutrition, nothing beats water. Avoiding water is one of the ways that the Psychology of Longevity proves that most people are exquisitely, tragically stupid. "My kid won't..." WHAT? Ah, you are telling us that, in imitating most of your behavior, your child does not drink enough water. Alright, nutritionally speaking, allow the Psychology of Longevity to let you in on a couple of secrets hidden right in plain sight of those who are wise enough to heed those who do better than the rest of us on a consistent and decades-long basis:

1) There are two things that cannot be significantly remediated or repaired by nutrition, or even naturopathy.

The first is the teeth, and the second is the damaged kidney. No naturopathic approach has even proven to work.
Of course it is also true that no allopathic, or medical approach has ever proven to work or even give much benefit.
Pain relief, perhaps, but nothing in the way of repairing the kidney. Liver? We can grow most our liver back, never a kidney. The kidneys are, simply stated, unforgiving. You can nutritify your kidneys, you can strengthen them to safeguard against a range of issues, you can pile nutritional box on top of nutritional powders mixed into nutritional drinks, and still, if the kidney is diseased, the chances of ever getting full renal function back has not, so far, been found by the Psychology of Longevity in a wide range of research, not without life-and-death changes in diet and, often, lifestyle.

2) Your kidneys pump approximately 2,000 liters of blood per day, (a liter being almost 2/3 of a quart).
Your kidneys never get to rest, working hard in each one of your 86,400 seconds per day, every day of life.
By the time a human goes 200 to 300 minutes without water, a small amount of permanent damage is done to the kidneys.

Let no ivy-league professor dissuade you from some of the most basic science of engineering you could hope for.
There is no machine on earth, including you, that can run hot without receiving some type of hydrating relief.
Lubrication in an inanimate machine, water for hydration in those of us blessed with the gift of sentience.

By committing some measure of permanent damage to the spongy, delicate insides of the kidney, no major external event may be clinically observable to you or to your primary health care practitioner. That damage adds up, however, until it goes past a point that is pretty tough to cross back over from. A parallel comparison is the Vitamin B in your body. Because almost all Vitamin B supplements sold today are actually petroleum derivatives, any observable short-term benefit is obviated by the amount of damage such artificial substances do to DNA over the longer term. Professor Fritz-Popp proved that every living cell on earth gives off light, called biophotons. Any food taken in without those biophotons cannot qualify as nutrition.
This is even more true when we apply this knowledge when learning that Vitamin B can be stored in the spinal chord, and that we can operate and function fine for up to ten years or so on those hidden reserves, always able to replenish the reserves with good sources of Vitamin B.

When we run below a certain level of reserves, no amount of even the best nutrition can ever return our bodies to a state of having enough Vitamin B. The reserve tanks simply will not fill from empty or near-empty or even half-empty, the best we can tell. Once Vitamin B goes below a certain reserve level, it has not to this day been observed clinically to return to normal. Yet, the simple act of taking "B" supplements, those with licit nutrition in them, even in small dosages can keep our reserve levels high and happy for decades.

Tying this into the realties of nutrition with respect to nutrition of the kidneys, we know that once kidney function drops below a certain level, the human body just does not seem to want to put out the energy required to keep them at high function. Of course, the Chinese, and traditional chinese medicine, capitalized if you wish, have long stated clearly that the kidneys are the strength of a man or woman, so, once below a certain point, how can the source of power produce enough power to be able to produce the correct level of power? Nutrition alone cannot restore the kidneys, pharmaceuticals have still not yet been developed that can give us back our natural power, normally sustained with even relatively (or reasonably) modest levels of nutrition. To allow entire hours to pass without at least a few sips of water does permanent damage, even if you cannot sense that difference immediately.

So, performing such a stupidity, not drinking water for several hours, is not just about the damage to the nephrons in your kidney. It is also about the combination of present damage combined with the last few hundred or thousand times you engaged in that self-same denial of critical nutrition. You must drink at least a few ounces of clean water every waking hour of your life. If you want and hope for your kidneys to serve you in full function when you get to sixty and seventy and beyond, close your mouth and drink more water. This is a seminal secret and power of nutrition and longevity meriting pursuit and sustainment... and imitation.

Nutrition, nutrition, who do we believe when it comes to nutrition?
How wise can it be to believe ANY comments about nutrition
from the companies who are profiting from imitation nutrition?

More Nutrition and Secrets of The Best Natural Nutrition, Psychology of Longevity -style

Third in the nutrition list, with respect to the six most critical, or five most TOUCHABLE, corporeal, nutritional requirements, is, of course, the number one food of all mammals, the one food without which you cannot hope to properly digest (or make use of, or properly eliminate) all other foods: salt.

Yes, sports fans, there is no food on earth more important to the human body than salt, and you need to learn that in a hurry if you wish to return to a state of growing from the state of slowly dying that the Psychology of Longevity estimates you are likely to be experiencing at this moment.

No, no, not the super-heated garbage sold in most every supermarket except those that are decent enough to have real salt.

"Real" salt means "AIR-DRIED SEA SALT." Crap commercial salt is super-heated as high as 1100 to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, so that, when it cools, it crazes as glass does, every facet, every edge razor-sharp, all the better to lacerate the insides of your kidneys, blood vessels, and more.

Air-dried sea salt is the chloride fraction of hydrochloric acid, the liquid we MUST have to disinfect the stupid and cooked foods we eat, making salt a vital form of nutrition, a truly critical part of good and great nutrition.

Air-dried sea salt is the cornerstone of adrenaline production. Without air-dried sea salt, there is zero chance whatsoever that your adrenals can operate at full function. If nutrition beyond "average" nutrition is your goal, air-dried sea salt is at the highest point on the list.

Nutrition, nutrition, who do we believe when it comes to nutrition?
How wise can it be to believe ANY comments about nutrition
from the companies who are profiting from imitation nutrition?

The healthiest oils, including the delights and nutrition found in extra virgin olive oil, HAS NO MEANING OR GOOD VALUE TO THE HUMAN BODY when it is heated past 108 degrees, at which point the oil becomes rancid, and does terrible damage to the body, not least through A.G.E.'s, or "advanced glycation end-products," which do actually age us faster, much faster, in fact. "Glycation" is the polite term for "BURNT SUGAR" which also burns anything and everything it touches, from the paint on a car to the lining of your stomach, blood vessels, organs, and other tissues, even poisoning the blood and making it harder and harder for your pancreas to properly regulate or release insulin. The healthiest olive oil in the world is the nutrition of champions of longevity, provided it is never heated much at all.

Additionally, you cannot effectively nor efficiently lubricate your bones and skin from the outside in. That's why emolients are called "cosmetic," because they are only skin deep, other than the tagalong chemicals they contain, which go into the bloodstream and physically stick to the inner surfaces of your organs. Lubrication of bones and skin come from the inside out, and more so with oils containing omega-3 and omega-6 in two to one ratio, respectively. Interview 77 people over the age of 100, as MisterShortcut did in pursuit of and you will find that one of the two commonalities found among more than 70 of these centenarians is the daily intake of raw olive oil. As with the other members of the "critical five foods," raw olive oil is a cornerstone of good nutrition, a daily bulwark against the onslaught of processed garbage that only serves to steal nutrition from your body.

NOTE: Extra hidden secret revealed at the Psychology of Longevity :
A funny thing about the human body is that, given good oil and bad oil at the same time, the body will use the good oil. No scientist has satisfactorily (at least from the Psychology of Longevity coign of vantage) explained or proven WHY the body does this, or HOW the body knows to extract the nutrition from the good oil without allowing the rancid oil to do its typical damage. What we DO know is that it is true, and helpful to those committed or even dedicated to living the precepts, concepts, and proven protocols of the Psychology of Longevity.

Bulk, also known as fiber, is what we get from the ground. Artificial bulk provides artificial nutrition to the body. Natural bulk provides, among other things, cleaning agents for the entire intestinal tract. Make no mistake about your nutrition requirements: Bulk is a critical factor for anyone seeking to regain or maintain high levels of nutrition.

Good Bacteria, also known as probiotics, because they promote life.

A typical adult who enjoys good nutrition on a persistent basis has, on average, some five to eight POUNDS of good bacteria in the intestine. Without those probiotics, there is a chance of good nutrition approximate to PERFECT ZERO. No chance whatsoever of living and thriving in good health without a steady supply of probiotics for the intestine to digest food at the level where the food, IF IT CONTAINS NUTRITION, can nutrify the body, passing through the walls as much nutrition as can pass beyond your brush-border cells into the bloodstream. Nutrition, nutrition, pure nutrition can never take place without the presence of probiotics.

Conversely to all of the foregoing negatives is, of course, the positive side:
So, whether you appreciate the method by which the Psychology of Longevity presents these facts of nutrition, these indisputable axioms of nutrition, or do not, plays second fiddle to merely appreciating that the Psychology of Longevity exists for you to help yourself, as naturally... and as nutritively... as possible.

This means that your persistent intake of generous amounts of water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oil, bulk, and bacteria are ALONE enough to stave off the heaping majority of challenges that might otherwise well be headed your way or his or mine or ours or hers. Good nutrition cannot take place by accident, good nutrition cannot be sustained without a desire to look past comfort foods of questionable nutritional value. Good nutrition is a choice.

Psychology of Longevity Nutritional Secrets and Shortcuts Poetic Shapetalk

Nutritional secrets alongside nutritional shortcuts, counted out for you to learn,
we can live happily ever after, in the fountains of youth, or choose instead to burn.
The burning aches and chronic pains they show, most of the elderly too smart to ever know,
that nutritional shortcuts and all they portend, from the Psychology of Longevity are Heaven-sent.
The secrets and shortcuts of nutrition today, have hardly changed for centuries in any significant way.
Eat greens and reds, eat purples and yellows, and orange and the rest of the rainbow just as well,
the price of half your diet not being live, is double the chance that your intestines go to hell.
Nutrition, nutrition, that's where death is delayed, living nutrition is the best way to graze.
Death begins, in the colon, you know, so it's your teeth that are digging your final deep hole.
Nutrition, nutrition, call out for nutrition, or else be accused of the most heinous omission.
Never forget to teach your children every day, that good nutrition is Life's healthiest play.

Nutrition, nutrition, today and tomorrow, long as good nutrition proves to subsume most sorrow.
What is more sorry than some old woman or man, one who can no longer do the very best they can?
Why bother living for those extra twenty-five years if they are only filled with Rx drugs and sad tears?
How can you be glad a grandma lived to ninety-two if she did not take a good dump for three decades?!
Nutrition, nutrition, is the mantra of the day, the Psychology of Longevity MOST-natural and nutritional way.
Stop forming so many opinions on subjects you do not have a proven (if only to yourself) level of expertise in.
Without extensive knowledge, and extensive experience, you are only knowledgeable, not yet an expert, hm?
The Psychology of Longevity urges you to learn more so that you can increase your probabilities of living more.
Living more, to does not merely mean getting older, it means doing so gracefully,
where there is genuine pleasure in waking up each day, looking forward to a day of flexible, utile energies.
Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk, you might notice, inevitably contains master secrets of the universe.
This bit of Shapetalk is no different, so you are urged to ingest this form of nutrition, and repeatedly.
Live your Psychology of Longevity, and see how the Psychology of Longevity tends to reciprocate.
Nutritional secrets of the Psychology of Longevity are YOUR nutritional secrets and shortcuts.