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Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from the Psychology of Shortcuts, and to a lesser degree,
are intended to achieve more than merely impressing you, by pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside the Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be your best shortcuts.

Shapelinks.US - Self-descriptive, Shapelinks are Psychology of Shortcuts delicious EyeCandy hotlinks guiding us into the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity - Deliciously interactive EyeCandy hotlinks - variant effects in different browsers, all leading to Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems, your universal shortcuts - When building a network of Shapelinks, it helps to have Psychology of Shortcuts EyeCandy Wisdom to enjoy the formative moments of a Shapelinks network - As an ad hoc organization formed many years ago, the Psychology of Shortcuts ought to organize Shapelinks into Shapelinks coherence, wouldn't you say? - For further information on Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, follow the sweet eyecandy hotlinks at now - Would a Shapelinks network be complete without a Shapelinks website, as in .ws? From the Psychology of Shortcuts, for and to your self-empowerment. - Such a sweet domain and sweeter website, maybe the shortcut capital of the internet, since we know one shortcut can be YOUR big acceleration shortcut - Referring to the Psychology of Shortcuts, the name of the game is shortcuts, the game of life, personified, vitalized, by YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts - When embracing the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity with fullest ardor, shortcuts do become me - delightful one-word domain - Demonstrating that great shortcuts are universal, from the UK to every other place where the Psychology of Shortcuts is adopted - embraced - Godfather of EyeCandy, Godfather of Shortcuts - surely the Psychology of Shortcuts is inclined toward this domain as its one true name - Premium one-word domain that gladdens the heart of your host, the Psychology of Shortcuts of masters, millionaires, & champions - AOL paid $1mm for, while the Psychology of Shortcuts found for just $8. - Excellence cannot happen accidentally with success shortcuts from your Psychology of Shortcuts - Sharing the Psychology of Shortcuts Success Network with others is our primary intention
www.Success-Shortcuts.US - The Psychology of Shortcuts is constituted of the best success shortcuts

Shortcuts unto shortcuts from the mother ship of shortcuts,
for the health and wealth we might still deserve,
the wealth worth more than fine orchids.
Health, of course, is true wealth,
its theft so often done in stealth.
When you have one, you get the other,
and without it is worse than having no mother.
Shortcuts unto shortcuts from greatest sources of all shortcuts,

Shortcuts from other shortcuts, that's what we choose to see,
both the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.
Delve deep inside yourself to learn, what you're hiding in there,
make use of YOUR shapetalk & shortcuts, once you are aware.


Employ More Psychology of Shortcuts

Use enough of your favorite shortcuts, enough times,
and those shortcuts will tend to yield further shortcuts.

This is a common profit of utilizing your Psychology of Shortcuts.
Stop pretending to know more than those who repeatedly do more.
Imitating those you admire most is among the fastest of approaches,
a method so many of us already use to break and shatter world records,
the most proven and effective ways for you to repeatedly imitate their results.
Let the shortcuts you have already used well ... ... guide you to create new shortcuts.
Even if this shortcut is not a full cornerstone of the Psychology of Shortcuts, it is a potent tool.
Life has long proven that the more we use our best tools, the wider becomes the reach of those tools.
Shapelinks and Shapetalk are interactive features of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.

The Psychology of Shortcuts Invites You To Read Between The Lines

Shapetalk unto Shapetalk from the mother ship of shortcuts,
for the healthy and the wealthy teach us all every day,
the health worth more than the finer orchids,
Health, of course, is the truest wealth,
its theft so often commited in stealth.
When you have one, you attain the other,
and without it is darker than having no mother.
Shapetalk into other Shapetalk, which is what we see,
within the Psychology of Shortcuts & Psychology of Longevity.

The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity lovingly compete to be your Shapetalking Capital.

Shapelinks and shortcuts, shapetalk and shapelinks, all to bring your eye with fun,
the Psychology of Shortcuts, at the very least, believes YOU might be the one,
that one in a million who does it in slivers, the rara avis among our givers,
Shapelinks and shortcuts and eyecandy shapetalk, all to make a point.       S.hortcuts.US?
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The Psychology of Shortcuts, with gems of wisdom to stagger YOU into your excellence.

The Psychology of Shortcuts.

Printed price tags in stores are not written in stone. That means you do NOT have to continue paying retail.

If you can't think of three reasons for a seller to give you a discount, then try just one reason.
If it doesn't work, come up with another reason to give you a discount, or use the first again.
Try this the first chance you get, and then try it again and again, making it a simple habit.

This one secret, by itself, will put AT LEAST ten percent more cash back in your pocket,
every year that you make a habit of giving people reasons to give you a discount.
On those occasions where owners do not want to give you anything off,
don't stop smiling. Continue being pleasant no matter what...
... while making certain you don't just accept that "No!".
Smile.  Give them another reason to give you a discount.
Should it fail again, bring your business elswehere, hm?

The Psychology of Shortcuts is not about saving pennies.
The higher the cost of the item, the higher the savings.
These are additional dollars staying in your pocket,
to be used for better investments in your future.
Stop accepting retail prices without question.
It's ridiculous, and, so sorry, tends to...
well, yes, it makes the buyer look silly.
Ask for a better price.   Then ask again.
The Psychology of Shortcuts means NOW.
The Psychology of Shortcuts IS now.
The more you get "into" life,
the more it gets into you.

Stop to consider how effected YOU are by advertising.
While you believe you are the rare exception, you prove otherwise.
Use the rarity of today to find that you do know ways to defend against this theft of free will.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is the focus upon now, now, now, not "some point in the future."
Make it happen.   After all, it's your life.     "If it is to be, it is up to me"

With hugs and assurances that you're about to do GREAT,
welcome into your own Psychology of Shortcuts perception.